LAT N. 41 47' 42" LON W. 86 45' 06"
500 W. Water Street
New Buffalo, MI 49117
Phone (269) 469-9808

Dress Code

   Proper club attire includes shirts with collar and sleeves and slacks or appropriate length shorts for gentlemen.
   Dresses, shirts, slacks or shorts of appropriate length along with sleeved or sleeveless shirts are considered
   appropriate for ladies.

   For dinners on Friday and Saturday evenings, sport coats are optional for gentlemen.

   The sponsoring member/host is responsible for notifying their guests of these policies.

   All speical events will have a posted dress code.

   Bathing attire, gym or coaching shorts, t-shirts, mesh shirts, tank tops, tube or halter tops, muscle shirts, cut-offs,
   athletic shorts and workout clothings are not appropriate attire.